American Legion Auxiliary
Department of Florida

Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation

Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation


The Department Committee has established a quota for each Unit, based on one dollar and fifty five cents ($1.55) per Senior Member at close of books fifteen days prior to Department Convention. These quotas are established to enable us to meet our budget. Please make your contribution early in the administrative year. These contributions to be used for activities in the Hospital as deemed necessary by the Hospital Representative for the good of the patients. This sum shall also include postage, including postage for poppy orders. Exact amount of quota is listed on chart on last pages of this Guide.



  • Kit bags $5.00 each
  • Lap Robes, cloth $25.00 each
  • Hand-knit or crocheted $55.00 and up each
  • Hand-knit or crocheted Adult Booties (pair) or Caps $10.00 each

Mailing Instructions


  1. itemized list with value.
  2. Name, address of Rehabilitation Chairman.
  3. Unit name, number, address.
  4. District number. Send by parcel post, prepaid express, United Parcel. DO NOT SEND BY BUS. Name and address of Hospital representatives, page 6 of this guide.

Sewing Instructions

Kit bags:

  • Bright cotton print cut 27 x 13 inch.
  • Fold material in half, sew ½ in. side seams.
  • Sew 1-inch hem at top. Leave opening each side for drawstrings.
  • Each drawstring must go completely around top of bag, starting and ending at same opening.
  • Twill tape or sewn bias tape is best material for drawstrings.
  • Complete bag measures 12˝ x 12˝.

Lap Robes

Bright, colorful flannel, or cotton washable material. Absolutely no slippery material. One side print, one side plain. May be pieced, patchwork, knitted or crocheted.

DO NOT USE BATTING OR HAND TIED KNOTS. Completed robes should measure 36 x 48 inches.

Name Tapes

No charge. Please order exact number needed from Department Headquarters. Sew name tape on each article. (Do not sew on hand knit socks.)


Amount assessed to each Unit is included with Quota Invoice.

Amounts per membership grouping are as follows:
Group 1 $5.00 Group 4 $7.00
Group 2 $6.00 Group 5 $10.00
Group 3 $6.00 Group 6 $10.00

Comfort Article needs will be posted in the monthly Communiqué.

VA & R

(Note: This Revolving Trophy expires in 2026)

To be awarded annually to the Unit that reports the “Best All Around VA&R Program or Project” that includes the following:

  1. Cover page with Name of award, Unit name and number Unit locations, name of the Unit President and name of Unit VA&R Chairman.
  2. Cash contributions must be made through department to at least one VA hospital and at least one Fisher House and to The National Creative Arts Festival.
  3. Unit must participate in and/or donate to a homeless veterans Program or project.

Entry must be in narrative form, double spaced, 8½˝ x 11˝ paper, not to exceed 1,000 words and include a cover page and placed in a report cover.

Each entry to be received by the Department Chairman no later than thirty (30) days prior to Department Convention.


To be awarded annually to the Unit submitting a typewritten entry in narrative form, 8½˝ x 11˝ paper secured in folder. First page to contain Unit name, number, location and approximate population, membership grouping, and signatures of Unit President and Secretary. Entry must be sent to Department President (who shall name judges) by thirty (30) days prior to Department Convention. Judging will be based on Unit’s efforts and determination to participate in all phases of the Auxiliary programs, and not the volume of work accomplished. The following must be attained and incorporated in entry.

    1. 100% in Department Rehabilitation contributions, direct aid to a veteran’s family, Field Service??? , and if possible, at least one active Volunteer Hospital Worker.
    2. Conduct Poppy Days and remit required proceeds to Department, purchase Poppy Seals, and use resale profits for Education, Children and Youth, and VA&R.
    3. Contribute to Department sponsored children’s hospitals, American Legion Child Welfare Foundation, and all other special Children and Youth projects; observe April Children and Youth month with program; aid community drives for benefit of children in general, and assist in endeavors for their welfare.
    4. A community service project shall be initiated (or continued) during the year.
    5. At least one girl shall be sponsored at Girls State and report to a Unit in person.
    6. Junior members must participate in Unit activities whether organized as a group or not.
    7. The Unit must cooperate with its Post at all times, especially with patriotic and veterans’ events.
    8. The “Calendar of Activities” shall be followed with special programs when possible.

The Unit’s Constitution and Bylaws must be kept current and approved.