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Ladies, Units and Districts that want to help with Hurricane Michael Relief please see email below. I have personally been in contact with Pam along with District President Nanette Sullivan. Any help is appreciated!

Madame President,

I am currently planning a Legion Family Thanksgiving Dinner for all of the Legion members affected by Hurricane Michael, including Post 392, 375 and 356.  In addition, on December 15, Post 392 will be hosting a Children’s Christmas Party for our Legion Children and Youth as well as those from the other Posts affected.  On Christmas Day, again, a Legion Family Christmas Dinner.  We have to make sure that we can provide a little bit of “normal” to our Legion Family and our Children and Youth.

I am also working with two teachers from Tyndall AFB Elementary School that was heavily damaged during the storm.  The teachers need to be able to get supplies for the classrooms that were destroyed.  I have also asked them to help me identify any children who may have needs for Christmas. Many of these Tyndall families lost everything and they are struggling with finding housing.  With the holidays approaching, it is important that we help our Military Families as much as possible.

I also have a contact at St Andrews Baptist Church, where they are feeding up to 300 families a day.  I know they are in need as well.

Any help the Auxiliary can give to me as I try to help our Veterans, our local Posts that have been devastated in this storm, our Active Duty Members and our Community is appreciated.  Gift Cards and cash is really what we need the most.  As I get a list of items needed, we could also support struggling local business at the same time as we help our Community.

Veterans Serving Veterans while Serving our Community.

God Bless!

Pam Mathis
Past President
Unit 392

All donations can be made to Department Headquarters and will be distributed as earmarked. For more info: Contact Patty MacDonald at

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Veterans Service Organization

Think about the last time you received what you needed when you needed it. Did you call it a gift or even a miracle? In the American Legion Auxiliary that “need meeting-gift giving” happens continuously. And it’s possible because as the largest women’s patriotic service organization in the world our membership of more than 850,000 strong is fiercely dedicated to serving, helping, and meeting needs. Our focus is what it’s always been: servicemembers, veterans and their families in their communities. And our members produce annual statistics in the millions.

The women of the American Legion Auxiliary make a difference in the lives of all Americans. They educate children, organize community events and help our nation’s veterans through legislative action and volunteerism. The American Legion Auxiliary is the world’s largest women’s patriotic service organization with nearly 1 million members in 10,100 communities. Auxiliary members are a unique group of women, joined in the fellowship of volunteerism, patriotism and dedicated to veterans, young people and communities.

Our Role

We take our role as a veterans service organization seriously; meeting the needs of veterans and keeping those needs front and center in the minds of the American public!

Few people realize that:

  • The Auxiliary and the Legion are often centers for community and civic activities in mid-America, and provide a focal point for citizens’ involvement.
  • The Auxiliary raises more than $18 million every year and reinvests those funds in VA medical centers and community programs.
  • Thousands of hours are devoted to crime prevention programs, instructing children, the elderly and the general public on safety, crime prevention and protection within the community.
  • Auxiliary volunteers are the backbone of assistance in the 171 VA Medical Centers.
  • They not only provide diversion and entertainment for patients, but assist the hospital staff in physical and psychological therapy, clerical and many other duties that would otherwise cost American taxpayers millions of dollars.
  • The Auxiliary deals with issues such as drug and alcohol abuse, missing and abused children, teen suicide and teen pregnancy. Its services touch the lives of all Americans directly or indirectly.
  • More than 20 nationwide programs receive support and financial aid from the American Legion Auxiliary.