American Legion Auxiliary
Department of Florida

Start a Unit

New Unit Process/Checklist


  • Obtain Charter Application from Department Headquarters.
  • NOTE: The Charter Application cannot be downloaded because it has carbon copies attached and must be in triplicate form.
  • Fully complete all 3 copies of the charter application.
  • Have all 3 copies signed by the Post Commander and attested by the Post Adjutant.
  • Collect all new member applications (both Juniors and Seniors), along with total dues for each.

Note: A minimum of 10 senior members is required to form a new unit.

Send the following to your Department Headquarters:

  • 3 signed copies of the fully completed charter application
  • All completed member applications
  • Department and National portion of dues for each member
  • Completed form or letter indicating the Unit’s total annual dues amount for each Junior and each Senior
  • Charter application fees

Note: Charter fee is $10 and roll is $10 for up to 20 names with an additional $0.50 for each name over 20.


When Charter application packet is received, make sure it includes:

  • The application, fully completed and signed
  • All new unit member applications
  • Dues payment for each member that includes Department and National portion
  • Payment for charter fees
  • A letter or form that indicates the Unit’s total annual dues amount for seniors and juniors


    • Have the Department President sign the charter application
    • Prepare check for national portion of dues; make check payable to “National Treasurer”

(As of membership year 2014, national dues are $9.00 per Senior, $1.25 per Junior)

  • Send charter application, member applications, charter fees, dues payment and unit dues information to the Membership Division at National Headquarters


National Headquarters will:

  • Verify that Department has submitted 3 copies of fully completed and signed charter application, member applications, unit dues information, payment for national portion of dues, and charter fees payment.
  • Compare the names of each membership application to the names listed on the charter application
  • Calculate the total national dues required to make sure dues payment is correct.
  • Verify that payment for charter application and roll fees is correct.
  • Check that the charter packet includes information on the Unit’s dues amount for both Junior and Senior members
  • Create the new unit in the database (ALAMIS) and enter all charter members into the new unit
  • Have the National Secretary sign the new charter
  • Affix seals to the charter and send to the Department Headquarters

Note: new member applications will be returned to the Department along with the Charter and roll.