American Legion Auxiliary
Department of Florida

Rules & Information For Sgt-at-Arms

Rules & Information For Sgt-at-Arms

      1. Appropriate attire for parades; Unit formality for Sgt-at-Arms. No jewelry is to be worn, except a watch, ring and Auxiliary pin, while acting in the capacity of Sgt-at-Arms.
      2. The Auxiliary pin and/or Officers Badge should be worn over the heart. At no time should the Auxiliary pin be used to fasten a scarf, tie, etc.
      1. The Sgt-at-Arms and Ass’t Sgt-at-Arms should arrive at least thirty (30) minutes prior to the meeting time.
      2. It is their duty to see that all materials, i.e. gavel, bell, Bible, table flags, etc. are in their proper place. They should prepare the flags for the advancement and see that there is sufficient seating available both on the floor and the rostrum.
      3. Unless otherwise instructed by the President it is their duty to greet members and guests as they arrive and also to attend to the guest book and introduce all to the President.
      1. When advancing the colors see that the EAGLES ARE FORWARD and that the American flag is slightly higher than the banner.
      2. The flags should be allowed to flow freely when being advanced and posted. Hold the flags at an angle that does not permit them to touch the floor. The only time the flags should be held back is in a crowded room or aisle. DO NOT WRAP THE FLAG AROUND THE STAFF — Hold it by the tip.
      1. The American flag and the banner should be posted simultaneously, being sure that the eagles are facing the audience when the colors are posted.
      2. After posting the colors, the Sgt-at-Arms and the Ass’t. Sgt-at-Arms should then step back, face the American flag and render a right hand salute. Hands should be absolutely empty at all times when saluting the flag.
      3. Once posted, NO ONE should pass between the colors. All notes, etc. should be brought to the side of the rostrum.
      1. The Sgt-at-Arms and the Ass’t. should remain at the door of the hall during the meetings and be ever alert to the needs of the presiding officer and members in attendance.
      2. It is a MUST that order be kept during the meeting. If there is excessive talking, POLITELY remind the offender that there is a meeting in progress.
      3. The meeting room doors should be closed during the meeting. Late comers should be advised that there is a meeting in progress and allowed to enter ONLY after the speaker has finished. Either the Sgt-at-Arms or the Ass’t. should be at the door and assist the late arrivals in locating a seat.
      4. When escorting guests, offer your right arm and conduct them down the center aisle, advancing the guest to the rostrum either on the flag side or banner side, (whichever is the custom in your area), but preferably on the banner side.
      5. It is not necessary for Auxiliary members to salute the flag either on approaching or returning from the rostrum.
      6. Be ever alert to the call of the Presiding Officer when she asks for the Sgt-at-Arms to return a guest to his/her seat.
      7. Guests are returned to their seats in the same manner in which they were advanced. The Sgt-at-Arms offers her right arm and returns them to their proper seat in the audience.
      1. Sgt-at-Arms and Ass’t. Sgt-at-Arms should advance, stop, face the American flag and render a right hand salute.
      2. The American flag and banner should be retrieved simultaneously — the American flag is retrieved either directly from the front or from the left side.
      3. When retiring the flags, see that the eagles are facing forward and that the American flag is higher than the banner and allowed to flow freely. When the Sgt-at- Arms and Ass’t. reach the rear of the meeting room, hold the colors erect and do not stand them on the floor until the meeting is declared adjourned.


    1. The Sgt-at-Arms and the Ass’t. should see that the colors are properly folded and put away. Do not wrap the flags around the flag staff, but fold them against the staff.
    2. Responsibility also for the replacing of all materials, i.e. gavel, bell, Bible (if one is used) etc. to their proper place.


Please remember that we all make mistakes. If, during the course of the meeting, someone makes a mistake and does not salute the flag properly, passes something between the colors, etc., DO NOT DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT AT THAT TIME TO EMBARRASS THEM. When the meeting is over, politely inform them of their error and explain the correct procedure.