American Legion Auxiliary
Department of Florida

Community Service

Community Service


(Note: This Revolving Trophy expires in 2023)

To be awarded to the unit reporting multiple projects within the community.

  1. Fly Page
    • Name of Trophy
    • Unit Name and number
    • Location
    • Population of town or city
  2. Entry to be in narrative form; double spaced, 8½˝ x 11˝ paper, not to exceed 1,500 words, bound in a folder.
  3. List all activities, hours spent, number of members participated, total value of projects.
  4. Newspaper clippings, pictures, posters and flyers may be included at the end of report.
  5. Entries must be signed at the end of the narrative by the Unit President and Community Service Chairman.
  6. Entry to be received by the Department Chairman no later than thirty (30) days prior to Convention.