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Revolving Department Trophies (Guidelines to Submit Entry)

Revolving Department Trophies (Guidelines to Submit Entry)

The list of current Revolving Department Trophies is listed on the last page of your Unit Guide Book. It tells you the program for which the award is given, name of the award, sponsoring Unit or person and expiration date of the award.

If a Unit wishes to sponsor a trophy in honor of a member (living or deceased) follow the procedures listed below.

After you selected the member you want to honor and the program in which you want to offer the award, you must write the rules for Units to follow to submit an entry for the award. The Unit cost for sponsoring an award is $250.00. This fee covers the purchase of the large revolving plaque that revolves each year to the winning Unit and a small plaque for the Unit to keep. Before submitting entry and check for $250.00 to Department for approval by the Department Executive Committee it must be brought before your membership for approval. Once a submission is approved it is in effect for twelve years.

The selection for the Unit who wins the award each year is entirely up to the Department Program Chairman for the designated program.