American Legion Auxiliary
Department of Florida

Public Relations

Public Relations


(Note: This Revolving Trophy expires in 2019)

The Television Trophy will be awarded to the Unit reporting the most outstanding “single” Auxiliary program receiving TV coverage.

The report for entry in the Department contest to be written in narrative form, typewritten on size 8½˝ x 11˝ paper.

The report must state the name and location of the Unit, its membership, population of town, name of TV station, number of minutes on the air for the program, the date and subject of program.

Deadline for receipt of entry is thirty (30) days prior to Department Convention.


Fly-leaf to contain: Unit name and number; location; membership group; number of inches of print; number of inches of pictures. (Pictures to be measured by measuring across, then down, then multiplying the two figures.)

Book must contain only news clippings and pictures. (No glossy photographs or souvenirs.) Name and date of paper must be above each article.

Please save three (3) copies of all clippings. One for Unit press book, one for District press book, and one for Department press book.


(Note: This Revolving Trophy expires in 2019)

The Press Book Trophy will be presented to the Unit which submitted the Press Book which is judged “Best All Around”.

The winner will be chosen on a percentage basis from a group comprised of the first place winner in each membership grouping,

Rules governing its selection will be the same as those used to determine the “Best Press Book.”