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Program Notes

Blue Star Service Banner to be displayed by families with members in the Armed Forces National Emblem Sales. Call 1-888-453-4466, Item #72982 – $6.95.

Call the Family Support Network Hotline at: 1-800-504-4098. This is an easy way to say thanks to our service personnel!


A national defense strong enough to guarantee the security of America from any aggressor has always been a concern of The American Legion and American Legion Auxiliary. Each Department should have an active National Security Committee to direct the work of its state and each unit should have a National Security Committee in charge the local activities.

National Security Work for Units

The Unit should acquaint all its members with the existing situation regarding national security by providing a study of the subject at Unit meetings. Every Unit should endeavor to give its members an understanding of the necessity of maintaining an adequate national security.

The American Legion Auxiliary recognizes that natural disasters and crime can also threaten our national security. Therefore, the National Security program, was expanded to include emergency planning and crime prevention.

While we cannot stop natural disasters from occurring, we can change the way America deals with them through Project Impact, a project of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). The goal is to reduce the personal and economic costs of disasters in a community by planning and preparation.
Crime prevention, neighborhood watch, support for police and fire departments help to strengthen our communities and contribute to the national security.

The American Legion Auxiliary Annual Awareness Assembly held in Washington frequently has presentations of special interest to national security issues. Attendance is open to all American Legion Auxiliary members.

Information on National Security

Informative material on national security subjects can be obtained from Department Headquarters or the National Security Division of The American Legion, 1608 K Street, NW, Washington. Washington, D.C. 20006. These materials include suggested talks on national security, pamphlets, and the program of national security activities recommended for the year. The objectives of The American Legion and American Legion Auxiliary for the year are outlined annually by the National Convention. Every Unit should familiarize itself with these objectives and give its full support to their achievement.