American Legion Auxiliary
Department of Florida



As we celebrate the 100th year of the American Legion Auxiliary, I thought it appropriate to recognize, salute and remember the “strong members” that have worked hard since 1919 to make our organization a success. Here in Florida, we continue to be “Florida ALA Strong” …for our Veterans, our Active – Duty Military, our Children and our Communities. Throughout the history of the American Legion Auxiliary, “strong members” have continually accomplished many amazing things. On this 100th Anniversary Year, I salute our members for being “strong.” I look forward to not only hearing about the great accomplishments you are making but also sharing those accomplishments with others.

Our National President, Nicole Clapp, has asked each member to join her in “Celebrating a Century of Service.” Her “Birthday Wish” is to stop our membership slide and to recruit new members in each Unit. She’s also asking us to celebrate our own membership with both our fellow members and our communities all year long. What can possibly be more fun that a year of celebrating?

Much information about Who We Are, What We Do and the correct way to conduct business can be found in this Unit Guide. Use this book as a guide, but please remember it’s always good to ask questions. Much time and thought has gone into selecting excellent Chairmen to serve you this year. Please use their knowledge during the year.

Servicing as your Department President during the 2019-2020 Auxiliary year is a true honor for me. I look forward to meeting you, working with you and learning together, as we make a difference for so many, I believe their is NOTHING that a TEAM of “strong members” who share dedication to a common mission cannot ACHIEVE!!! The sky is the limit and I look forward to working as a TEAM with each of you.

Ann King-Smith
Department President