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Constitution & Bylaws

  Catherine McMullin
Sample Constitution and Bylaws and Standing Rules
ALA National Constitution & Bylaws (2015 updates)
2019-2020 Constitution & Bylaws Program Action Plan
2019-2020 Constitution & Bylaws Year End Reporting Unit
2019-2020 Constitution & Bylaws Year End Reporting District


The Constitution & Bylaws program informs and educates members of the American Legion Auxiliary on the importance and power of properly written, reviewed and updated documents, policies and procedures at all levels. Constitution & Bylaws are the basis for governance of your unit. Preparing and adhering to updated Constitution, Bylaws and Standing Rules will ensure a more successful organizational process, and provide the structures to follow at all levels of our organization.

A Constitution, Bylaws and Standing Rules are required for each Unit. The Constitution and Bylaws must be updated every 10 years. They should be reviewed every year, but NOT changed.   Standing Rules should be reviewed often, and may be changed as often as necessary.  But remember to send one copy of your approved CB&L along with 2 copies of your updated Standing Rules to the Department Chairman for approval stating “changes to Standing Rules only”.

Special 100th Anniversary Program History Facts:

In 1921, at the Auxiliary’s 1st National Convention, the Committee on Permanent

Organization created the Constitution Committee, whose job it was to draft a National

Constitution. Twenty-six women from twenty-six different departments were named to this committee. By 1927, the committee name changed to Committee on Constitution and By-Laws