American Legion Auxiliary
Department of Florida

Girls State

Girls State

Units shall contribute annually a quota of sixty cents ($0.60) per senior member, based on membership at close of books fifteen days prior to Department Convention, to the Girls State Fund to assist in funding the annual Girls State program.

For Units to qualify to send girls to the Florida Girls State session they must send contributions for their Rehabitation, Socks, Education, Girls State and Junior quotas by January 31st.

Each Unit shall be entitled to one Girls State Citizen for their Charter, ten or more Senior Members.

Each Unit shall be entitled to one additional Girls State Citizen for each 100 paid-up members into Department Headquarters by January 31st. Newly organized Units shall be allowed one (1) girl for their charter. Contributions for the quotas shall be based on their charter membership.

Units with 100% membership into Department Headquarters by January 31st are eligible to request “Over Quota” delegate. Priority for “Over Quota” delegates will be according to the date registration monies are received into Department Headquarters. Send separate check for “Over Quota” delegates at time of registration. Check for “Over Quota” will be returned if delegates are not granted.

Each Girls State Session will to be capped at three hundred (300) delegates. In the event the program is not at three hundred (300) delegates, fourteen (14) days after the close of registration, the remaining slots will be made available on a first come, first served basis, to any Unit whose obligations are paid, until cap is reached.

Units shall be responsible for the final decision on how their delegates will be transported to Girls State with the approval of the Department Girls State Chairman.

Only Department Officers of the American Legion Auxiliary, Department of Florida, shall have courtesy rooms in the dormitory. All other observers are responsible for their own off campus housing and food costs. Bus chaperones needing housing shall be allowed one night’s housing at no cost.


The Director shall contact Florida State University to arrange the dates for the session, housing and other facilities as may be necessary, and ascertain projected costs. All contracts to be signed by the Department President and/or the Department Secretary-Treasurer.

The Director and Assistant Director shall establish the program for the Girls State session and submit such program to the Girls State Committee for approval by March 15th each year. She shall direct the program during the session of Girls State.


All personnel involved in the conduct of the Girls State session shall be classified as staff members. All members of the staff of Girls State shall be members in good standing of the American Legion Auxiliary. When necessary, additional staff may be selected from previous delegates of Girls State who have exhausted all efforts to meet the eligibility requirements, however, have the desire to serve the program as a staff member. The program allows for persons assigned by Florida State University, Tallahassee Community College and employees of the State of Florida to assist in the operation of the Girls State Program, under the direction of the Girls State Committee. Members of the American Legion Auxiliary and past delegates of Girls State who have a desire to serve on staff of Girls State shall submit an application to Department Headquarters. The Girls State Committee shall screen all applications and make necessary staff selections. Applications shall be accepted each year. Applications shall be retained on file in Department Headquarters for a period of five (5) years. At the end of the five (5) year period a new application shall be required.

Junior Staff

Each staff member is entitled to recommend one delegate to be invited back in two years as a Junior Staff member. The Girls State Committee can select up to six (6) Junior Staff members to serve one (1) year. Additional years will require Auxiliary membership.

The use of drugs, alcohol or tobacco is strictly prohibited while serving as a Staff member.

Staff members are required to participate in all scheduled activities including meals unless their assigned duties prevent such attendance.

Staff members shall utilize transportation provided by the program.

Staff members shall wear black skirt, slacks or capris and uniform shirt of the day for all official photos.

Interviews for scholarships, Girls Nation delegates and Maxine Bentley recipient to be conducted by the Girls State Committee.


  1. All candidates for admission to Girls State must be residents of the State of Florida.
  2. Only girls who have never been married shall be eligible.
  3. For health and safety reasons, no candidate who is pregnant or has given birth is eligible for Girls State.
  4. All candidates must be in the Junior or 3rd year of high school, returning to high school for their Senior year regardless of whether that year ends in June or February. FULL TIME early admission college students are not eligible.
  5. All candidates for admission shall not have participated in a previous session of Girls State as a citizen.
  6. A candidate must agree to participate fully in all patriotic programs, including flag ceremonies.
  7. She must agree, if elected to an office, to take the oath of office on a Bible, or the book of their faith.
  8. Girls State is a nondenominational study of government. No special arranges will be made to accommodate individual religious beliefs because of its educational accreditation. A non-denominational program is designed and performed by the delegates on Sunday morning. Delegates are required to attend all scheduled activities and programs.
  9. Citizenship may not be a requirement for attending Girls State.
  10. The Director of Girls State or the Department Chairman of the Girls State Committee may accept or reject any application for citizenship in Girls State. They also have the prerogative of rejecting delegates who do not meet requirements for Girls State citizenship.