American Legion Auxiliary
Department of Florida

Method of Selection for Girls State Candidates

Method of Selection for Girls State Candidates

  1. Only girls selected by American Legion Auxiliary Units shall be eligible to attend Girls State. If a Unit wishes to call upon a school for recommendations, this is their prerogative. However, a Unit or the Girls State Committee of the Unit is required to hold a meeting to which the candidates are invited, are interviewed and selected. The date of such meeting shall be affixed to the applications.Once a girl has been interviewed and selected by a Unit, she may not be interviewed by another Unit. If she has been selected as an alternate, she may be sent by another Unit with permission of the interviewing Unit.
  2. The selection of Girls State Citizens is not to be made until the numbered application has been received from Department Office Headquarters.
  3. Prior to the Unit interview, verify willingness to salute our flag and take the oath of office on a Bible, or the book of their faith.
  4. Candidates must appear before the Unit or Unit Girls State Committee in person, at the time the selection is made. Mechanical devices — Tape Recorders, Videos— may not be used.
  5. If feasible, interview candidates individually, out of hearing of other candidates. For greater impartiality, call on each candidate by a number rather than a name.
  6. Through questioning, determine the candidate’s serious intent to make a commitment to a week of government study.
  7. Qualifications for selection in the order of importance are:
    1. Interest in the study of government
    2. Leadership
    3. Character and honesty
    4. Scholastic standing
    5. Cooperativeness
    6. Community participation and service
    7. Physical fitness
  8. Girls State by nature is strenuous both physically and emotionally. Therefore, the ability to cope adequately with these conditions must be seriously considered in the selection of candidates.
  9. Any delegate requiring special accommodations due to handicap, injury or physical limitation requires a female chaperone, eighteen (18) years or older to accompany delegate. Registration fee for the chaperone and any equipment required; i.e. wheelchair, must be provided by the delegate’s family.


(NOTE: This Revolving Trophy expires in 2019)

To the Unit that best utilizes their Girls State Citizen in their overall programming during the year following their attendance at Girls State.

All entries must be typed, using double-space, one inch margins, on 8½˝ x 11˝ inch paper.

Title Page Must Contain:
Number of girls sent to the Session in Tallahassee, Unit Name, Number, Membership, Girls State Chairman’s Name and Address.

  1. Girls State Quota must be sent to Department.
  2. Girls State Citizen must report at a Unit Meeting (this may be joint with the Post) – number of girls reporting.
  3. Assist on Poppy Days – number of girls assisting.
  4. Visit Nursing Home or V.A. Hospital with Unit Members (number of visits recorded) – number of girls attending visits.
  5. Encourage interest in the Girls State Program for female students in the eleventh (11th) grade of her school.
    1. Written report may be circulated to these students.
    2. Request speaking at an assembly program with other Girls or Boys State Citizens.
    3. This can be judged by the amount of knowledge each of the applicants have regarding the program at your next screening meeting.

This narrative report to be received by the Department Girls State Chairman no later than thirty (30) days prior to Department Convention.