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2022 Florida Girls State will take place from June 7, 2022 to June 15, 2022.


The purpose of Girls State is to provide citizenship training for girls of high school age in every Department of the American Legion Auxiliary; to afford them an opportunity to live together as self-governing citizens; to inform them about the duties, privileges, rights and responsibilities of American citizenship, in order that they may understand and participate in the functioning of their government; and to help them grasp them meaning of some of the responsibilities which they must assume when they become adults.

Girls State Motto:

“Forward Forever, Backward Never, Within Ourselves Our Future Lies”Application


The application process for Florida Girls State is handled at your local American Legion Auxiliary Unit. Use our Unit locator to find the unit nearest you, and contact them about how you can get involved with Florida Girls State.Church Serviceprayer

How Do I Attend The Church of My Choice?

Due to the diversity of the 300 attendees, we are unable to accommodate individual requests to attend a church of your choice during your time at Girls State. All attendees are required to remain with the program at all times.A non-denominational program is designed and performed by the delegates on Sunday morning.