American Legion Auxiliary
Department of Florida

FGS Dress Code

The Girls State Program has a strict dress code. All delegates will be provided two (2) Girls State shirts at no cost. These shirts will be worn each day while at Girls State. Staff members will launder these shirts, so that a clean shirt will be available each day. The shirts will be washed in a laundry detergent that is free of dyes and perfumes.

No Laundry Facilities will be available to you at Girls State!!!

While on campus:
Girls State Shirt, slacks, shorts, jeans, skirts, or capri pants in any color. Shorts MUST be at least mid-thigh length. Please be sure that your shorts/skirts are appropriate in length. You will be required to wear a name tag at all times. Comfortable shoes of any style are acceptable.

At the Capitol: Girls State shirt, black dress slacks, and comfortable, closed toe and heel, FLAT shoes. Remember this is a professional dress setting. We visit the Capitol three (3) days, therefore you are required to have clothing for all three days. Please note that Director, Asst. Director, or GS Chairman reserves the right to reject clothing choice prior to departure for the Capitol.


Free time in the dorm: any comfortable clothing is acceptable while in the dorm.

Pep Rally Dress: Government Party Advisors will determine the parties’ attire for the pep-rally. Bring a plain white t-shirt to decorate for the pep-rally.

Awards Night: Dress code is waived. Delegates are allowed to wear any appropriate attire. Many delegates dress up for this evening. We ask that your outfit be tasteful, as you will be representing the program that evening.