American Legion Auxiliary
Department of Florida

Cavalcade of Memories

Georgia Mackenzie
2021-2022 Cavalcade Program Action Plan
2021-2022 Cavalcade of Memories Year End Reporting

From the Chairman

 A Cavalcade of Memories is a reflection of what we are all about … it’s an ongoing a collection of Auxiliary memorabilia and cherished memories of the past – items that help tell the story about your Unit’s history throughout the years.

The National Plan of Work sums it up like this: a Cavalcade’s goal is to preserve and share the history of the American Legion Auxiliary… and a Cavalcade’s mission is to collect, help chronicle and preserve the history of the American Legion Auxiliary by telling the organization’s story through pictures, documents, personal mementos, and other artifacts.

As members of the great Department of Florida, let us strive to have a Cavalcade for each Unit, District, and at Department Headquarters so that our stories are not forgotten.