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Message from Department NEC Michele DeGennaro


In these uncertain times we want to keep our members as informed as possible! We will be posting our update from National as they are received! Click here for letter from National

Click here for Girls Nation Update Florida Girls State has changed the dates to July 1, 2020 to July 9, 2020.

Thank you for allowing me to serve as your NEC! Stay safe and healthy
Michele DeGennaro

Department Presidents visits to Districts

Due to the concerns of the coronavirus the Department President will be postponing all upcoming District visits until further notice.

At this time there is no plans on postponing or cancelling Department Convention.

Department Staff will be working remotely until further notice. All phone calls will be forwarded to the Department Secretary’s work cell phone. The number is 407-451-0410. If you have questions about Girls State please email Patty MacDonald at

VA Hospitals & Nursing Homes

At this time the VA Hospitals and nursing homes are asking that visitors limit their access the the facilities. Some of the hospitals are not allowing visitors at all at this time. They are also asking if you have items you want to donate to hold on to them at this time. They will be assessing the situation and will keep us update.

Unit Meetings and Nominations

With more news coming out with closing of businesses because of the coronavirus, Department has been getting questions in reference to elections for the units. After speaking with the Department Parliamentarian below is a solution to what a unit can do if your Constitution and Bylaws state you must read your nominations three times before election:
The Unit President will need to email the Unit Executive Committee to get a vote to have the meeting via email or phone conference. Once you have a vote than you can send an email out to all the members that you have an email for. You would inform them that the meeting is cancelled due to the virus but that you are holding the nominations via email or phone conference. At that time you would go into the nomination script as if you were holding the meeting in person.
You would need to keep a copy of all emails and recommend they get placed with the normal unit minutes.

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President Homecoming Hotel Information Click here